3 Gifts For the Techno-Nerd in Your Life

Gift Thought #1 – Vehicle iPod Connectors
Is your techno-nerd a music addict, also called the human jukebox? Definitely, thought so! Assuming that is the situation, the smartest choice for this voyaging, limited band would be vehicle iPod connectors. These overcome any issues between a sound system and a jukebox, by permitting your techno-nerd to play their whole music library through their vehicle sound system. What is the top brand in the business? Dice! Dice iPod connectors require no wire cutting, no welding and no entanglements. Also, the connectors are ideally suited for getting the best quality sound in your ride-no empty, in-passage or breaking sounds! Not certain assuming Dice iPod connectors are viable with your nerd’s iPod, stress not! These work with essentially every sort of I-gadget.

Gift Thought #2 – Liquor Breathalyzers
Without a doubt, these “toys” have been given negative techno criticism, yet we’re certain your techno-nerd would get a remove from introducing it in their ride to up their terrible kid/miscreant picture. Besides, it’s an extraordinary method for sitting back. Blow into the collapsing mouthpiece and bam-your blood-liquor level is shown! We bet on the off chance that you coupled this gift with a vehicle connector, your nerd would have a great time!

Gift Thought #3 – Clocks
You can’t turn out badly with an impeccable and exact watch. However, what’s better is you can give the endowment of time and the endowment of an incredible car at the same time! That’s right, believe it or not! Perhaps your techno-nerd is likewise a storage room engine head. Assuming this is the case, give him a clock that says what time it is with his #1 vehicle maker’s logo behind the scenes!