Network Marketing Myths and Realities

Network marketing as the name suggests, is a form of marketing campaign which is undertaken by people or groups of people within close circles or networks. These circles could be spread over one geographical area or may be scattered across different provinces, states and even at times across different countries.Usually such type of marketing is undertaken within friend circles, employee or colleague circles and/or social circles like clubs etc. Marketing or advertisement of a product or service is usually undertaken within known networks or circles.Due to its inherent nature, this form of marketing campaign usually functions on word-of-mouth principle. Earlier such marketing campaigns were literally restricted to verbal campaigning; however in modern times, with the rapidly increasing use of internet, network marketing has also become greatly web-based.

Every day we receive several mailers from unidentified senders, advertising or propagating a particular product or category of products. In majority of the cases, we have no precedent or past trail of email communication with such senders. These are classic examples of spam mails, which are aimed at bombarding individual mailboxes of individuals with Bulk Send Ethereum tokens  marketing oriented content.Spammers work with a concept called 5 per cent conversion rate principle, i.e. they assume that out of thousands and millions of mails which they shoot out regularly, at least 5 per cent of such mails would be converted into business leads. That itself works out to very big numbers, literally. These are real life examples of Network Marketing scams. The senders of such emails use network marketing concepts, albeit in an improper manner (i.e. by way of spamming).

NM (Network marketing) can usually take various forms, of which one major type is Multi Level Marketing (MLM).Having said this, it must be remembered that not all NM concepts are scam. There are huge business conglomerates all over the world (for example Amway, Oriflame etc), who have built extremely successful business models based on Network Marketing concept. Therefore it cannot be blindly categorized or conclusively proved that Network Marketing has no element of reality. Unfortunately however, a section of spammers have been able to tarnish the image of this marketing concept, over past few years.